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Automatic Nozzles


ZYQ-25A Series of Automatic Nozzles

ZYQ-25A automatic nozzle is designed for today customers' ideals. For heavy-duty, high-flow, truck stop, bus and fleet servic. Light weight, easey and convenient to usw. It is a rugged performer that offers long life and reliable service.



Seals:Buna-N, Viton
Main stem seals:Viton Cased Oil Seal
Main stem:Stainless steel

Ordering Specifications
Features & Benefits

AILE ZYQ-25A Flow rate:0-120L/m(1+3/16)
Working Pressure:0.18Mpa.
Compound Main Valve and Bleed Poppet- Tight structure, attractive appearance. Minimum pressure loss and offer a maximum flow rarte.
Accurate flow control- It allows customers to top off their tank to the exact amount that they want, and its easy to stop gasoline flow precisely.
Hold-open rack is available for full-service applications. The one hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customersconvenience.
Spout with gear- Making it to be holding on the spout of tank without hand, improving your efficiency.
All nozzles with flow-lock- designed to shut-off automatically when the spout is tripped up, limiting spillage spit.
Hand insulator- protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates users hands.
100% factory tested.

Using foreign objects to hold open.
Automatic nozzles could result in.
Failure to shut-off and personal injury
ZYQ-25A Nozzle Shown

ZYQ-25A Series of Automatic Nozzles