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Automatic Nozzles


ZYQ-13A Series of Automatic Nozzles

ZYQ-13A Series of Automatic Nozzle is small, trim, lightweight, easy and convenient to operate. Offers long life and reliable service.



Body:cast aluminum
Seals:buna-N, biton
Main stem seals:viton cased oil seal
Main stem:stainless steel


Ordering Specifications

Inlet size: BSP3/4", BSP1", NPT3/4", NPT1"
Outlet diameter: 15/16"
Flow rate: 0-70L/m (15/16")

Inlet size: BSP3/4", BSP1", NPT3/4", NPT1"
Outlet diameter: 13/16"
Flow rate: 0-45L/m (13/16")


Weight: 1.25kg/pc

Features & Benefits

Working pressure: 0.18MPa
Compound main valve and bleed poppet.
Tight structure, attractive appearance.
Minimum pressure loss and offers a maximum flow rate.
Accurate flow control: allows customers to top off their tank to the exact amount that they want, and it's easy to stop gasoline flow precisely.
Easily replaced 360o rotation swivel prevents the hose from curling up.
Hold-open rack is available for full-service applications.
One-hand control means easy setting to flow rate for customer's convenience.
Spout with gear: making it to be holding on the spout of tank without hand, improving efficiency.
Flow-lock: designed to shut-off automatically when the spout is tripped up, limiting spillage, avoiding accident.
Hand insulator: protects both nozzle and vehicle, and insulates users' hands.
Available colors: color chart on inside back cover.
Selective splash guard.
100% factory tested.

Using foreign objects to hold open.
Automatic nozzles could result in.
Failure to shut-off and personal injury
ZYQ-13A Nozzle Shown

ZYQ-13A Series of Automatic Nozzle