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Valve Series


DJF Series Angle Check Valve

DJF Series Angle Check Valve is installed on suction system, fuel lines on top of fuel storage tanks to maintain prime. Models are available with male threaded inlets for connection directly into tank bung fittings or with female inlets for connection to a nipple that is threaded into a tank bung fitting. Single-poppet models can be used in applications where the valve is easily accessible for maintenance and disc cleaning or replacement.


Ordering Specifications

Products: DXF801, DJF 802-804
Sizes: NPT11/2" (inlet) x NPT11/2" (outlet), NPT11/2" (inlet) x BSP11/2" (outlet), BSP11/2" (inlet) x NPT11/2" (outlet), BSP11/2" x BSP11/2" (outlet)

Features & Benefits

Spring-loaded poppet and buna-N discs to assist in keeping the valve closed when installed in high-vibration areas.
Recommended for use on suction lines where the pressure does not exceed 34 feet of head (approximately 15 psi).
100% factory tested.

DJF Valve Shown

DJF Series Angle Check Valve