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Tank Truck Spare Parts


Auto Limiter Automatic Shut-Off Valve

The Auto Limiter Ioverfill protection system is an automatic shut-off valve designed to be installed in the 4" riser pipe of underground storage tanks with tight fill adaptor to reduce the flow by 90% at first stage (approximately 92% of tank capacity) and shut down the gravity flow at 95% of tank capacity.

It is designed to be installed in a spill containment manhole, which makes it unnecessary to break concrete or add a new manhole. The anodized cast aluminum valve body and aluminum drop tubes make the Auto Limiter II virtually maintenance free. The Drain Valve Isolation Kit(708-255-01)should be used in a retrofit upgrade to comply with CARB EVR requirement.



Valve Body: Aluminum
Floats: Polyethylene
Upper & Lower Tube: Aluminum
First Stage Flapper: Zinc
Second Stage Flapper: Acetal
Guide Rod: Stainless Steel



Valve Body Length: 18"/459mm
Upper Drop Tube Std.: 4"dia.x60"long (102mmx1.5m)
Lower Drop Tube std.: 4"dia.x96"long(102mmx2.4m)

Features & Benefits

Fast deliveries with less restriction.
Can be set to 99% of tank capacity.
Overfill protection at a field-set level.
Two stage flow shut down provides reduced line shock compared to competitive models. First stage reduces flow by 90%, Second stage shuts off remaining 10%.
Accommodates all tank sizes.
Easy field installation without breaking concrete.
Enables manual stick gauging of tank after a complete shut-off.