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Tank Truck Spare Parts


HYF-W API Bottom Loading Valve

HYF-W API Adapter is used in tank truck for loading and unloading petrol kind of liquids. It has a handle with two-stage for controlling different flow rates when loading or unloading. The light weight and heavy-duty valve is designed and teated to meet API standards. The outer nose Ring is hard-coated aluminum and rotates to prevent uneven wear sometimes caused by terminal and off-loading couplings. The adaptor is constructed with TTMA standard 4-inch tank truck flange and mounting lugs for Aile interlock.



Body: aluminum alloy
API adaptor end: hard-coated aluminum
Poppet: stainless steel
Shaft and latch plate: stainless steel
CAM: brass
Handle: aluminum alloy
Seals: viton & buna-N
Standard: meets API RP 1004 specifications, the TTMA standard.


Replacement parts

Shaft seal
Cover seal
Flange seal
API adaptor end


Ordering specifications

Products: HYF-W
Type: standard
IN.: 4.00
Weight: 6.00kg

Features & Benefits

Heat-treated, aluminum alloy body and flange.
Stainless steel poppet, shaft and latch plate.
H62 brass cam.
Cast Aluminum Alloy handle.
Fluorocarbon seals.
Meets API RP 1004 specifications.
TTMA Standards.
Sight glass for detecting liquids.
Hard anodized replaceable nose ring that can be indexed through four positions for extended life.
Two-stage fixed aluminum handle gives positive indication of valve position.
Conforms to API RP 1004 for total compatibility with API couplers.
Lightweight die cast aluminum construction with high-octane fuels and additives.
Viton seals are standard for compatibility with high-octane fuels and additives.
Hydrodynamic design minimises pressure drop for high flow rates.
Stainless steel operating shaft, cam and poppet stem for durability.
Top mounting for hose interlock.


HYF-W API Bottom Loading Valve