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Tank Truck Spare Parts


HYF-01 Bottom Loading Adapter

Loading and off-loading are easier than ever with Aile's bottom loading adapter. While loading, a free float poppet design keeps the handle in the closed position as long as the poppet is activated.

During off-loading, the handle's 2 open positions adjust the flow rate. The lightweight, heavy-duty adaptor is engineered and tested to meet API specifications. The outer end is hard-coated aluminum and rotates to prevent uneven wear sometimes caused by terminal and off-loading couplings.

Compatible with the API dry disconnect couplers. The adaptor is constructed following the TTMA standard. 4" tank truck flange and mounting lugs for Aile interlock valve.



Body: aluminum alloy
API adaptor end: hard-coated aluminum
Poppet: stainless steel
Shaft and latch plate: stainless steel
CAM: aluminum bronze
Handle: bronze
Seals: fluorocarbon and buna-N
Standard: meets API R P 1004 specifications, the TTMA standard


Replacement Parts

Shaft seal
Cover seal
Flange seal
API adaptor end


Ordering Specifications

Type: standard
IN.: 4.00
Weight: 6.00kg

HYF-01 Bottom Loading Adapter

HYF-01 Bottom Loading Adapter