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Vapor Recovery System Products


ZYQ-200 Series Of Vapour Recovery Nozzles

AILE ZYQ-200 series of vapour recovery nozzles are suitable for full electronic vapour/volume control dispensers.The fuel-despensing nozzle with an automatic safety shut off for wet-hose use with electrical operated petrol dispensing pumps for the 'active' vapour recovery.Each noaale has been subject to stringent tests before leaving the factory and validated by the applied markings and date code.AILE ZYQ-200 is supplied for connecting to the AILE-SSI hose.


ZYQ-200A additionally with vapor proportional valve.
ZYQ-200B with vapor suction spout, internal vapor channel and COAX hose coupling M34x1.5 female. Reduced spout DN 16acc. To ISO9158.
ZYQ-200C with integrated on/off vapour valve working on gravity.



Body: aluminium alloy
Seals: viton
Spout: aluminium/ stainless steel
Guard: aluminium of PA66
Lever: electrophoresis coated
Covers: soff PVC

Features & Benefits

Application:For all normal gasoline fuels-leaded of unleaded.Not suitable for water and hydrous liquids,alcohols,solvents,viscous oils and diesel fuels.
Equipment:Tristop=venture controlled automatic shut-off+safety(protection when tilting and falling)+optionally with pressure controlled safety shut-off.
Available Colors:Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Black.
Three Position Hold-open Device:control of hold-open mechanism means easy setting of flow rate.

ZYQ-200 Series

ZYQ-200 Series Of Vapour Recovery Nozzles